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Please explain the basics of the H1Z1 Pro League and what makes it different. 

Our goal is to take the right steps toward establishing a stand-alone, self-sufficient esports ecosystem. As such, the League will provide a teams, players, and owners with a holistic and participatory program. Teams will share in League profits on day one, with a guaranteed amount in year one that is large enough to help them meet minimum player compensation requirements. Most importantly, for a stand-alone sustainable esports ecosystem to be successful for any game, the publisher of the game must be fully supportive and prepared to honor requests to make any necessary changes or enhancements to the game on an ongoing basis to maximize the potential for PLAYERS FIRST and the League itself. 

This kind of support is not an easy thing for a publisher to agree to, because it ultimately emphasizes the importance of the player over the game – and historically, no publisher has ever agreed to something like that. However the H1Z1 Pro League philosophy represents a true break from that immediate-game-sales-only centric tradition in favor of the longer-term player and community interest, and Daybreak has made the forward thinking and unprecedented commitment to support this approach. 

The first year of the H1PL will exist as follows: 15 teams each containing no less than 5 players will compete in an H1PL season. Each season is divided into two splits. Each split is comprised of 10 weeks of competition. Each week, 3 matches and will be played live, in person, and on LAN. Matches will take place inside a venue where audiences and fans can attend, utilizing the stage that was presented at Twitchcon 2017. Teams will compete for match points over the course of an entire season and kills will receive significant point emphasis. This means that a survival strategy that revolves around minimizing engagement and encounters will be much less rewarding, and aggressive team tactics and balanced strategy are critical. 

What exactly is the Path-to-Pro?

 To become part of the eligible “pro pool” that all franchised teams must select their players from in the first year, an H1Z1 player must: Have demonstrably achieved Royalty status in Solo play at any point in their career prior to the end of Pre-Season 7. Have a fully registered and verified Twin Galaxies account that is in good standing. Have a registered Daybreak Games account that is in good standing. Be at least 17 years old by the start of the 2018 season. The H1Z1 Pro League strongly believes in making the opportunity to get a chance to compete as a pro to be as fair and open as possible. The path to having an opportunity to participate in the Pro League should not be about whom you know, or whether you are a popular streamer or have a fan base. The H1PL wants everything to be driven by player skill and ability. 

Once I meet the qualifications and enter the pro pool, how do I get teams to notice me?

Twin Galaxies will be actively maintaining a real-time list of all qualified pro players, and will be directly supplying all franchised teams with this information on a continuous basis. This not only ensures that players are seen, but it also makes it much easier on team organizations to be sure that they are seeing the entire available pro landscape. 

Additionally, Twin Galaxies maintains independent H1Z1 performance leaderboards that players can directly submit to, which will allow a player to specifically show their skills at the game and provide teams that are recruiting, valuable, verified player performance information. The current leaderboards can be found here: http://www.twingalaxies.com/game_detail.php?gameid=18642&platformid=24 

The H1Z1 leaderboards that are now in place are in the process of being upgraded to include game pre-season version number information for more accurate leaderboard filtering and comparisons of the historic performances already on the leaderboards. 

Also, Twin Galaxies will soon add some additional leaderboards with rule sets and specific goal targets designed to fully allow players to distinguish and separate themselves through demonstrated and verified skill performance. 

Twin Galaxies will promote all significant player performances and achievement on these leaderboards directly to the franchised team organizations for recognition, and TG will work to compile and supply overall TG verified H1Z1 individual player statistics as well. The goal of all of these combined methods are to place attention and give opportunity to players due to their skill, not popularity.

What is the “Player Bill of Rights?”

The Player Bill of Rights is the backbone of any decision made by the League to ensure the players always come first and are treated fairly with dignity and respect. 

The right to participate. The right to equal opportunities for success. The right to fair and equal governance. The right to minimum compensation. The right to share in leadership. The right to appeal. 

More information can be found at www.H1PL.com 

What is the League Governance Committee?

The League Governance Committee is a group of five people that meet, discuss, lead and vote on H1PL policies and practices such as: Rules and Regulations Split Format and Scoring Penalty Guidelines Minimum Player Compensation Contract Standards for the League / Fair and Reasonable Terms Travel & Living Standards Work / Life Balance for Players The Governance Committee has the collective power to make broad and sweeping changes to the League as needed or desired, and will do so in the interest of making sure that the league and all of its participants remain moving in a healthy direction. The Governance Committee positions are as follows: Twin Galaxies Representative (1) Daybreak Games Representative (1) Player’s Representative (1) Team Owner’s Representative (1) Independent League Commissioner The Player’s representative position is directly elected by the players. The Team Owner’s representative position is directly elected by the Team Owners. Twin Galaxies will work with both players and team owners to help facilitate the electoral process. 

What is the minimum player compensation?

The H1PL minimum player compensation is currently set at $50,000. This base compensation is to be paid by teams to players. In the first year, the H1PL will guarantee a total of $250,000 in profit sharing to every team granted a franchise slot, to financially assist them with the minimum player compensation cost. 

After the all franchised teams are selected, and all elected officials are chosen for the H1PL Governance Committee positions, the Governance Committee will be responsible for setting minimum player salaries in the future. 

Will players be able to get Daybreak to make changes to the game?

Daybreak has agreed to honor competitive game change requests that are made by the H1PL Governance Committee. Since the committee has player representation, this creates a very direct way for major player gameplay concerns or requests to be brought directly to the table. Generally speaking, the communication between the League and Daybreak is near continuous and daily, so in general all participants in the League are keeping everyone informed about desired changes and the rationale behind them. Daybreak is very much on board with this and it is very positive. Everyone is interested in creating the best league possible, and that starts with putting player considerations first. 

Will there be a code of conduct for Pros?

Yes, absolutely. A significant goal of the H1PL is continue to widen H1Z1’s (and esports in general) appeal to a larger and more mainstream audience. Doing so creates more economic opportunity for players and teams, because as viewership and participation increases, so does sponsorship. To that end it is very important that the premium, front facing, aspect of the League is always very professional in behavior, attitude and outlook. 

The H1PL and all its participants must aspire to be the best in class. From the content it creates all the way to fan interaction, the focus is on the aspirational, being inclusive, and setting a positive example for esports as an activity. The H1PL wants to attract and empower people/players, not drive them away. 

The H1PL Governance Committee will establish a strong player code of conduct for both on and off “the court” and will take it very seriously and enforce it heavily. Unsportsmanlike behavior, toxicity, and harassment will not be tolerated and carry potential League eligibility consequences – all of which will be presided over by the Governance Committee. 

Can hosted/community run servers and tournaments be part of the H1PL?

Yes they can. We still need to work out the specific details on this, but in simplest terms: Hosted/community run servers that register and can meet H1PL standards will be able to eventually become an additional path for interested players to qualify for pro status and become part of the eligible pro-player pool.