It all comes down to this. Tomorrow night, the 75 best battle royale players in the world will compete for the top spot as the first split of the H1Z1 Pro League’s inaugural season comes to a close. And now, each of the 15 teams have even more of a reason to dominate - a $300K prize pool as determined by the Governance Committee. A pool of $75K will be awarded to the top five teams at the end of each split with a $150K grand prize being up for grabs at the end of the season.

The grand prize breakdown will be announced later, but here’s how the Split 1 money will be divided among teams:

“It’s been an absolutely insane first split, and each of the teams have played at the top of their skill level,” said Jace Hall, co-chairman of Twin Galaxies. “Adding a prize pool isn’t only deserved, but will also ramp up the competition’s intensity as teams close out the first half of the season. We’re going to see some huge plays tomorrow night.”

As Split 1 comes to a close, the stakes couldn’t be any higher. SetToDestroyX has dominated for a majority of the past ten weeks but Las Vegas locals, Rogue, and powerhouse Team SoloMid have quickly risen in the ranks and now have a huge monetary motivator to unseat the top team. We've arrived at the finish line and tomorrow’s match is shaping up to be an epic showdown. After the match, teams will retire for summer break and will resume the competition this fall for Split 2.

Tune into the Split 1 finale action live on Facebook Wednesday June 20th starting at 7 PM PT!

Ready for war?