This is the first League Update article of many more to come. This series will focus on delivering important updates around the competition to the community. Now that the Inaugural Season of the H1Z1 Pro League has officially launched, we will continue fine tuning all the aspects of the league with the goal of establishing the most competitive experience for our players and the most entertaining product for our audience.

Effective immediately, the scoring calculation has been slightly adjusted so that partial points will now be rounded up at the end of each round of gameplay. For example, a team who finishes a game in the 2nd position with a total of 5 eliminations will earn a total of 8 points.

5 Eliminations (Base Score) x 150% Position Multiplier = 7.5 = 8 Points

5 Eliminations (Base Score) x 125% Position Multiplier = 6.25 = 7 Points

This adjustment will be applied retroactively and will be reflected on the standings immediately.

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