On behalf of the H1Z1 Pro League, we would like to congratulate SetToDestroyX for taking first place in Split 1 of the inaugural season Wednesday night! The breakdown of the top 5 teams are as follows:

If you missed the Split 1 finale, here is a recap of the action that went down! Leading into the final Match of Split 1, SetToDestroyX held the lead at 191 points, followed by Team SoloMid at 155, then closely followed by Rogue at 153 and Echo Fox at 151. While SetToDestroyX still held an impressive lead going into Week 10, they have been scoring low in the past few matches while Team SoloMid, Rogue, and Echo Fox have all been scoring consistently higher. Could this be the week that we see SetToDestroyX fall from the number 1 spot?

Round 1 started off with the safe zone being revealed over the far west portion of the map. Cloud9’s Flowers was the first to fall on the rotation, being taken down by combined team fire from Epsilon. The third place team going into week 10, Echo Fox, was the first team eliminated this week as they took fire from Tempo Storm and SetToDestroyX. Unfortunately for Echo Fox, this round score meant that it would be near impossible to come out of Split 1 with an overall win.

As we’ve seen in previous rounds, a safe zone that favors the western side will see the majority of the teams survive until absolute chaos breaks out. This safe zone was no different as Noble was the next team to fall on their rotation at the hands of Obey Alliance. The following minute saw 19 players eliminated as Gankstars, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9 all fell to the fray. Vitality was then caught between SetToDestroyX and the last remaining player of Obey, being eliminated shortly thereafter. Luminosity fell to the combined fire of Rogue and Impact. As Rogue’s team had been weakened, they were shut down by Epsilon, resulting in just 6 eliminations for them in Round 1. As the next safe zone continued to advance, Counter Logic Gaming and Alliance were the next teams to fall, leaving just five teams remaining.

Team SoloMid and SetToDestroyX entered the top 5 with all five of their players remaining while Obey Alliance, Epsilon, and Impact Gaming each had just one player remaining. In one rotation, Impact’s Blank and Epsilon’s Melander fell to SetToDestroyX’s ProdigyAces, while Team SoloMid’s Carta eliminated Aladdin from Obey. SetToDestroyX lost DougisRaw in the scuffle but our top two teams in Split 1 both made it into the final two teams. Team SoloMid had more cover, higher elevation overall, and ideal positioning while SetToDestroyX were trapped between a few trees. TSM’s Dropped took down ProdigyAces while Geesh eliminated both Aw_naW and BennyBoy. With just one player from SetToDestroyX remaining, Stompalittle made the call to eliminate himself rather than give another point to Team SoloMid.

The leaderboard for Round 1 alone places Team SoloMid at the top with 28 points, followed by SetToDestroyX at 15 and Obey Alliance in third with 9 points. As Echo Fox and Rogue were unable to score higher than SetToDestroyX in Round 1, the fight for first now comes down to Team SoloMid and SetToDestroyX. While it is possible, Team SoloMid must earn 24 more points than SetToDestroyX in Round 2 in order to take home the win for Split 1. As TSM has been playing consistently well during the last few matches as compared to SetToDestroyX, we could possibly see them dethroned in Round 2.

The safe area for Round 2 is shown to be in the far southeast side of the playable space. As Ruby Lake takes up a large area of this safe zone, teams would need to show care during their rotation into the new safe area. The first player to be caught out during the rotation is Flankxr of Gankstars as Echo Fox’s Sweetdreams and Pineaqples shot the player right out of his vehicle. This small victory for Echo Fox is short-lived as the team was then eliminated by combined fire from Luminosity and Counter Logic Gaming. As Echo Fox fell, Cloud9 and Epsilon engaged. Gankstars heard the gunfire and pinched Epsilon, resulting in Epsilon being the next team eliminated.

As the safe zone moved from being centered around Ruby Lake to Veeshan’s Peak, players were provided with multiple ridgelines and trees for cover as well as a single gas station near the southwest side of the new safe zone. While the ridgelines provided excellent cover for some, the elevation changes also provided excellent engagement opportunities for others as combined fire from both Tempo Storm and Team SoloMid eliminated four members of SetToDestroyX. With only one member surviving, Stompalittle from SetToDestroyX chose to survive as long as possible to earn a multiplication bonus on the points the team had secured up until that point. Luminosity, Cloud9, and Alliance were all caught out during the next safe zone as the safe area continued to move players further southwest. Noble was the next team to fall on their rotation as Counter Logic Gaming was able to set up a defensible space. CLG, knowing they had more room to rotate, moved towards Obey Alliance and pinched the team as Obey Alliance was fighting Rogue. As Obey Alliance was eliminated, SetToDestroyX’s Stompalittle encountered the final member of Team SoloMid, Dropped. A shotgun fight between the two ensued, which left just Team SoloMid’s Dropped standing. With SetToDestroyX eliminated from Round 2 and their only opposition being Team SoloMid, Dropped would need to secure a massive win on his own in order for his team to take first place. Unfortunately for TSM, Gankstars heard the fight and ended TSM’s chances for first with a well placed grenade.

While SetToDestroyX knew they had secured first place overall for Split 1, the battle continued to rage on as Rogue, CLG, Gankstars, Tempo Storm, Impact, and Vitality were still standing. As the safe zone continued to force players closer to the gas station, Rogue, Vitality and Impact Gaming were pushed from the mountainous terrain into the open. Rogue fell to combined fire from Gankstars and Impact. Counter Logic Gaming was able to see the rotation from Impact and cut the team off before they were able to make it to safety. As Tempo Storm took fire from Gankstars, they focused their attention on the remaining members of Vitality, eliminating Vitality and finding cover from Gankstars all in one move. Gankstars continued to apply pressure as Tempo Storm’s Moose and Zxch found stronger fields of fire. Unfortunately for Gankstars, the risky movement from Tempo Storm paid off as Moose and Zxch were able to eliminate the remaining members of Gankstars. With just two members for Tempo Storm pitted against four members of Counter Logic Gaming, CLG used their pressure to aggressively overwhelm Tempo Storm and win the first place multiplier for Round 2.

After ten weeks, we see SetToDestroyX take home the title of first place for Split 1 with a massive 211 points, followed by Team SoloMid at 190, and then Rogue at 173 points. Echo Fox received 4th place at 152 points while Epsilon rounded out the top 5 with 151 points.

Congratulations to all of our teams for a hard-fought split and we cannot wait to see how things shake up in Split 2 after the break! To keep up with the H1Z1 Pro League, make sure to follow us on Facebook at For future updates, including the release of the start of Split 2, follow us on Twitter and at!

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