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The first round begins with a safe zone that is heavily favoring the south-western side of the map. Teams choose a cautious start, choosing to not engage until the toxic gas forces them to do so. Team SoloMid chose to secure a cabin large enough to hold their entire team. While the cabin provided solid cover for TSM, it wasn't enough to protect Geesh as Rogue's Stormen was able to pick up the first elimination of the H1Z1 Pro League.

As the toxic gas closes in, more players are forced from their cautious play style into an all out brawl. Luminosity attempted to rotate from the southern side of the safe zone, but a misplaced smoke allowed Tempo Storm to eliminate Luminosity from the first round. Vitality followed a similar path and took fire from Tempo Storm and CLG, which ultimately resulted in their demise. Meanwhile, SetToDestroyX took out Cloud9 in a close-range engagement on the south-east side but lost 4 players in the process.

With ten teams remaining, and a decreasing playable space, Alliance breached the cabin Team SoloMid had been holding onto and decimated TSM. They then used that momentum to clean up Gabeismon, the final member of Noble. As the playable space continues to shrink DougIsRaw of SetToDestroyX shotguns down the remaining two members of Impact before falling to CLG. Tempo Storm, pinched from throwables coming in, decides to rotate but falls to a well-placed grenade from Echo Fox Crank. Riki from Rogue takes out the final member of Alliance with a few well placed AK shots, only to fall to CLG as he's pushed by the gas.

There are three teams remaining as the final toxic gas phase for this round begins. Echo fox, with 4 members still up, was pinched between the remaining two members of CLG and Epsilon who had all 5 players up for the final fight. Echo Fox succumbs to the pinch between CLG and Epsilon while taking CLG down to one remaining player. With the final fight coming down to a four versus one situation, Epsilon was able to effortlessly dispatch CLG's dafps and take home the win for Round 1 with a high scoring 14 frag win.

Placement modifier after Round 1 placed Epsilon at 28 points with Alliance and Echo Fox tied for second place with 13 points and Counter Logic Gaming rounding off the top 3 with 12 points.

Round 2 kicks off with a safe zone on the west side. With the first game jitters out of the way, Team SoloMid's Dropped picks off the first frag against Mig_99 before the first gas wave even has a chance to subside. Epsilon, CLG, Noble, and Vitality all lose members of their team in early game scuffles but no team is wiped out in the early safe zones.

As the toxic gas rolls in we saw Vitality lose a team fight to Epsilon, marking them the first team eliminated for Round 2. Epsilon did not leave this round unscathed. Losing two players to Vitality and two more to the toxic gas, only Apexshay was left to carry the torch for Epsilon.

Team SoloMid was able to catch Obey Alliance on one of the first rotations leading into the mid-game safe zones, resulting in another 4 points being added to TSM's point total and a team elimination.

As the safe zone tightens, many teams are able to find safe haven inside of a western residential area. While the residential area provided momentary protection, the next safe zone would put the majority of the residential space in the toxic gas. On the rotation, ApexShay is caught out by CLG's Grimmybear resulting in a 13th place finish for the Round 1 winners. Gankstars drops the last remaining member of Tempo storm as Alliance cuts down CLG to one player remaining: Grimmybear. Grimmybear comes in clutch for the team, mowing through the remaining four members of Alliance in a close range shotgun fight. Sadly, Grimmybear's triumph was short-lived as Echo Fox landed the long-range shot needed to take out CLG for the round. Toxic gas forces SetToDestroyX into a house occupied by Noble, resulting in a shotgun fight which leaves only Stompalittle from SetToDestroyX standing. Suffering a similar fate as Grimmybear, Stompalittle is taken out almost immediately after the fight by Gankstars from a nearby residential building.

While some teams wanted to stay inside the residential area as long as possible, Team SoloMid continued to stay aggressive in the field, pinching Impact between Cloud9 and TSM's firepower for the team wipe. Team SoloMid's aggression eventually gets the best of them as Rogue rotates behind TSM in the field and takes down the remaining members of TSM.

As the toxic gas pushes players from the remaining residential safe area, four members of Cloud9 move together as a team systematically taking down any threat that falls within their view. Rogue is caught in the field by Gankstars and Cloud9 whereas Echo Fox falls to a pinch play between Gankstars and Cloud9. With only Nasticle of Gankstars surviving against 4 members of Cloud9, Nastical gives his life to the toxic gas, preventing Cloud9 from earning an easy point.

Thanks to a strong performance in Round 1, Epsilon finished in first place overall with 33 points, followed by Rogue in second place at 21, then followed closely by Echo Fox with 20. While Cloud9 was able to be the last team standing for Round 2, their overall lack of eliminations placed them in the number 6 slot overall.

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