Last week, SetToDestroyX was able to further solidify their position as the number one team and scored 46 points. This put SetToDestroyX at 143 points, which was 43 points over Epsilon, who entered Week 6 with 100 points overall. Luminosity continued to hold the number three spot at 81 points. Rogue led the middle of the pack again with 72, while Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid, and Echo Fox all were within 8 points of fourth place. As with the previous week, we could see another shake up in the middle of the pack, but the top three teams will most likely stay in their respective ranks.


Round 1 kicked off with the safe zone centered around the south eastern side of the map. As Impact moved into the first ring, they made the call to engage Cloud9. Blank from Impact led the charge towards Cloud9 but was punished by Frexs who eliminated Blank with a well-placed shotgun blast. Impact’s qtVenom returned the frag by taking down Aydren before both teams disengaged. The safe zone continued centering around a truck stop in the southeastern side, providing ample cover for multiple teams as the match progressed. Similar to the previous week, SetToDestroyX is responsible for eliminating the first team from the match. With the toxic gas at the back of Obey Alliance, they were forced into attacking SetToDestroyX. SetToDestroyX was able to take the fight back to Obey Alliance, but lost DougisRaw to the toxic gas in the process.


As the toxic gas continued to pull teams further southeast, many teams struggled to find cover in the new safe area. Luminosity, Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid, Noble, Impact, and Vitality all fell one right after the other. Almost all teams that fell during this push scored less than three points with Team SoloMid being the exception with 7 points. The next wave forced Echo Fox in-between Rogue and SetToDestroyX. As with almost any team forced between two other strong teams, Echo Fox is eliminated. SetToDestroyX suffered heavy losses during the fight while taking shots from both Rogue and Echo Fox. Rogue was able to eliminate the remaining members of SetToDestroyX. The next phase of the toxic gas left only the truck stop, a gas station, and a small surrounding area safe. Zxch, the final surviving member of Tempo Storm, was only able to find safety behind and overturned semi-truck before being eliminated by an Alliance push.


The top 5 found Epsilon on top of the truck stop which Gankstars occupied, Cloud9 hiding inside of a gas station, Alliance protected by the overturned semi-truck, and Rogue skirting the outside of the safe zone. The next phase closed off the truck stop. Both Epsilon and Gankstars are thrown into the crossfire between Cloud9, Alliance, and Rogue. Three teams remained with Alliance at five members strong, Rogue with four, and Cloud9 with only three. While Cloud9 had a number disadvantage, they were the only team with security within the gas station. Alliance and Rogue traded members as three players from Alliance fell to ziki’s well placed grenades. Stormen and Huskers fell to shots from Mountain and MP. What was once a deficit was now an advantage as Alliance was left with one member and Rogue with two. Cloud9 sent Flowers and Frexs out of the gas station, leaving just ImperialHal inside. Frexs eliminated ziki on the next rotation but was then eliminated by Riki. Flowers threw a grenade towards Riki but was the next member caught by Riki’s shotgun. Alliance’s Mountain heard the fight break out and rushed towards Riki, hoping to catch a frag against Rogue, but instead caught the edge of a grenade thrown by Flowers. Riki was eliminated by the grenade that Flowers threw, and Mountain was dropped to 8 health by the same grenade. With limited health remaining, Mountain was caught off guard by the toxic gas moving in and was eliminated. With ImperialHal being the last player standing, Cloud9 had the last surviving member and secured the points multiplier.


While Cloud9 was the last team alive, Rogue was able to capitalize on each phase that forced other teams to take unprotected paths to the safe zone and added 29 points to their overall score. Thanks to the multiplier, Cloud9 held second place and scored 18 points, followed by Epsilon with 12. The current overall frontrunner, SetToDestroyX, was able to earn only 9 points for Round 1, giving up 3 points to the overall second place team Epsilon.


Entering Round 2, Gankstars droped in the same area that SetToDestroyX had been starting in for almost every previous round. ProdigyAces and DougisRaw easily picked up the first elimination against Flankxr of Gankstars. With one player down before the toxic gas even began moving in, Gankstars turn and drive east towards the safe zone around Humperdink Reserve. The safe zone for Round 2 provided a large amount of cover for teams as the terrain, wooded areas, and warehouses provided ample cover for all 15 teams to keep safe sightlines late into the round. With so many teams allowed to survive in a smaller safe area, the first team to rotate into a bad spot would surely be eliminated.


The first team to make this rotation was Impact gaming who found themselves between Team Vitality and Gankstars. As Impact was taking fire from Vitality and Gankstars, Counter Logic Gaming was able to rotate into an effective position to damage both teams. Impact quickly fell to the onslaught between all three teams and Vitality was then forced to leave the wooded area with only two of their members left standing. After Vitality’s escape, 15 players were eliminated within just 30 seconds as absolute chaos erupted. Gankstars was eliminated by Counter Logic Gaming as the warehouse area was almost entirely taken over by the toxic gas. SetToDestroyX and Cloud9 traded shots with SetToDestroyX losing four of their members and Cloud9 only losing ImperialHal. Echo Fox was taken down by Tempo Storm in an all-out shotgun brawl inside a camper circle. Vitality attempted to take over CLG’s area on the edge of a remaining safehouse and were only met with Creanak and Grimmybear’s shotguns as CLG was moving out just as Vitality failed to move in. From CLG’s new line of sight at that point, they were then able to eliminate the last two members of Cloud9 who were attempting to flee from Epsilon.


With ten teams remaining, only 35 players were left as all teams except for Team SoloMid and Epsilon had suffered losses. As the toxic gas continued to swallow up the safe area, Alliance and Luminosity fought for the same cluster of trees while under fire at long range from Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming. Luminosity eventually fell, losing members to all three teams firing upon them. Alliance lost their remaining member to Team SoloMid as the trees did not provide enough cover to survive. Elsewhere, Rogue fell to a midrange battle with Obey Alliance. With four members still up, Epsilon caught CLG out of cover on their next rotation and eliminated CLG. Without giving Obey Alliance any time to heal, Noble began trading shots. Eventually, Obey is overtaken by the toxic gas. After taking heavy losses from Obey, Noble’s final player, Chance, is eliminated by the last surviving member of SetToDestroyX ‘s ProdigyAces. With only sparse trees for cover near the center of the safe zone, ProdigyAces fell to Team SoloMid, which left only three teams remaining.


Tempo Storm’s last two players had the furthest distance to cover in order to make it to the next safe zone. Epsilon’s four members would be forced to move and Team SoloMid was able to set up a line of defense with all 5 players remaining. Team SoloMid’s shellshock opened the next phase with a clean hunting rifle headshot on Epsilon’s ApexShay. Tempo Storm smoked Epsilon and Team SoloMid’s line of sight as they attempted to run for cover. As Epsilon was forced into the open, TSM was able to eliminate all four of their members while only taking on one loss. At this point, Tempo storm was facing a two versus four situation with cover that was less than ideal. As Team SoloMid had been able to secure a strong line of sight before the toxic gas forced Tempo Storm to relocate, TSM eliminated the last two members of Tempo Storm and secured the multiplier.


Team SoloMid scored 22 points in Round 2. Even though CLG didn’t place in the top five, they still earned the number two slot at 14 points, followed by Tempo Storm with 9. As Week 6 ended, SetToDestroyX maintained the number one spot overall at 158 points, followed by none other than Epsilon at 120. Rogue scored 32 points this week, which allowed them to overtake Luminosity for 3rd place at 104 points. Team SoloMid’s continued improvement over the last two weeks also brought them above Luminosity with 95 points. The largest change in overall ranking was Cloud9, moving from dead last to ninth place overall.

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