As teams entered into the official Week 8 Match, SetToDestroyX continued to hold the lead with 176 points, now 42 points over Epsilon at 134 points. Rogue held the number three spot at only ten points behind Epsilon, well within striking distance to take the second place spot that Epsilon has had for so long.

Round 1 of Match 8 kicks off with the safe zone starting in the south west side of the playable space. Ziki, Rogue’s scout, is the first player eliminated on the rotation to the safe zone. As the safe zone shrinks, multiple buildings throughout the area were still available, which lead to a slower start than usual as no team wanted to be the first eliminated. Eventually, Cloud9 found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place as they were pinched by Epsilon and SetToDestroyX. With less than favorable positioning and being trapped between the first and second place teams, Cloud9 was the first team eliminated.

In the first phase, the toxic gas forced players from buildings out into the open which resulted in Alliance, SetToDestroyX, Counter Logic Gaming, Epsilon, Vitality, and Rogue to fall within just a two minute span. With all 5 players remaining, Luminosity was standing tall at 9 points after the chaos briefly settled. The glory did not last long as Pineaqples from Echo Fox was able to single-handedly drop three members of Luminosity before becoming the last player eliminated from Echo Fox. On the other side of the safe zone, TSM had found themselves pinched between Noble and Tempo Storm with no cover and were eliminated shortly thereafter. The two players who had remained from Luminosity were then pinched between Tempo Storm and Obey Alliance, resulting in a quick death for the last of Luminosity. The next safe zone favored Gankstars, Obey Alliance and Noble, leaving Tempo Storm’s only move to run into gunfire from Obey Alliance and Noble, ending Tempo Storm’s run.

At this point, just three teams remained. Gankstars was between Obey Alliance and Noble with only a rock formation for cover and two players remaining. Casper of Gankstars was the first player to fall, leaving just Nasticle alive for the team. Noble’s Spiritsz attempted to take down Nasticle from close range, but was taken down. The victory was short-lived as Nasticle quickly fell to long range gunfire from both Obey Alliance and Noble. As the final wave of toxic gas forced Obey and Noble on a crash course, Obey used gas grenades to obscure Noble’s vision and dropped all four of Noble’s players without losing a single player.

Obey Alliance closed out Round 1 of Week 8 with 22 points and Luminosity followed with 15. Gankstars and Tempo Storm tied for third at 11 points each. As each of these teams are outside of the top three, SetToDestroyX still continues to hold a strong lead.

Round 2 for Week 8 started with the safe zone centering around the north west area. With a similar start to Week 7 Round 1, many teams had dug in and found a place to take a fight from. SetToDestroyX’s Aw_naW had his attention pulled to Rogue’s rotation for just a bit too long as Luminosity’s Siign took down the distracted player for the first elimination. As the gas circle continued to close in on the teams, a large amount of cover was still available which allowed many teams to survive much longer than usual before the first team was eliminated. The first team to fall was Alliance as they were caught off guard by Impact near the edge of the toxic gas. Impact may have been too greedy with their early eliminations as Echo Fox was able to take advantage of Impact’s limited cover and wiped the entire team in just under ten seconds. Elsewhere, Tempo Storm’s last remaining member Rhino fell to Luminosity Gaming as Epsilon’s Fjeldern fell to Noble leaving 11 teams in a small safe area. Luminosity was the next team to be eliminated on the rotation losing members to both Vitality and Rogue. Over just the next minute, Counter Logic Gaming, Rogue, Noble, and Vitality all fall attempting to make it into the new safe zone. With just six teams remaining, Cloud9 was forced to take a fight with Obey Alliance while the toxic gas was at their back. Cloud9 fell to Obey Alliance and placed sixth, just outside of the top five placement. On the opposite side of the safe zone, Team SoloMid took down SetToDestroyX while only losing one member of their own. Echo Fox’s last member, Prox, fell to Obey Alliance which left just three teams remaining.

Gankstars entered the top three as the only team with all five members still alive while Team SoloMid had four and Obey Alliance was down to their final three. Gankstars and Team SoloMid clashed while fighting for the high ground and the player advantage for Gankstars was proven to be pivotal as only Nasticle from Gankstars survived. Obey Alliance, with still three players left alive, were able to eliminate Nasticle for the final elimination of Round 2.

As Obey Alliance is the only team ever to survive both Round 1 and Round 2 in the same match, Team SoloMid was the winner of this round with 20 points. Echo Fox and Obey Alliance tied for second each with 12 points and Gankstars followed closely behind with 11 points.

Obey Alliance was able to secure the win for Match 8, adding 34 points to their overall score and moving them from ninth place overall last week to tied for sixth place with Luminosity Gaming. SetToDestroyX still holds the leader position with 182 points. Epsilon’s low scoring game now puts them 46 points behind the leader with 136 points overall. Rogue’s overall score is now just 4 points behind Epsilon, while Echo Fox is close behind at 127 points. For the first time since Week 2, we may see a shakeup in the teams placed second through eighth overall as teams in the middle of the pack start closing the gap on the leaders.

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