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Going into Match 9, SetToDestroyX continued to hold their lead at 182 points, followed by Epsilon at 136. Rogue continued to hold the number three spot at 132 points. As we’ve seen Epsilon score relatively low recently, we could see Epsilon fall from the second place position they have held for the majority of Split 1.

As the first round for Match 9 begins, we see the safe zone start a bit more central favoring the west side. Team Epsilon, who was already inside of the safe area, was able to destroy Vitality Liam’s car. Melander dealt 80 percent damage to Liam before Vago from Rogue stole the first point of the round away from Epsilon, leaving Vitality as the first team with a man down. With that man disadvantage, Vitality attempted to rotate into Coy’s Car Salvage but lost two more players in the process. With only Hoowy and Clem left for Vitality, the two players hid inside of a mobile home. As Gankstars was forced to rotate as well, the team looked for safety in the same mobile home that Vitality had occupied and wiped out the last remaining two members of Vitality.

As the safe zone shrunk, more teams got caught off guard as CLG found themselves pinched between Team SoloMid and Echo Fox. As CLG was eliminated, Impact was also eliminated as they received fire from both Noble and Obey Alliance. Tempo Storm fell to Rogue and Obey Alliance fell to Noble. As the toxic gas continued to force players closer to the edge of Coy’s Car Salvage, Epsilon took fire from Team SoloMid and chose to run into the gas rather than fight. With Epsilon scoring 0 points in Round 1, Team SoloMid, Rogue, and Echo Fox were then in a favorable position to take over second place spot overall. Shortly after Epsilon fell, Cloud9 rotated to a new position and then eliminated Noble’s remaining players.  Rogue and SetToDestroyX rotated into the same area with SetToDestroyX coming out on top. SetToDestroyX, weakened by Rogue, was then taken out by Team SoloMid.

With four teams remaining, Team SoloMid was on top with 8 eliminations and four players still remaining. Alliance and Luminosity had only one player each while Gankstars had two players. Alliance was the next team to fall as Colje was eliminated. Luminosity’s Chipzy and Gankstars traded shots while TSM continued applying pressure wherever they could. Casper was the next to fall as Gankstars was the next team to be forced into the open. With only two enemies remaining, Team SoloMid split their efforts and took down both Chipzy and Nasticle in one play.

For Round 1, Team SoloMid scored 24 points followed by Alliance at 10 and Rogue rounded out third place at 10 points. SetToDestroyX only scored 4 points in Round 1, but their overall score still continued to hold a sizeable lead over the other teams. As Team SoloMid was in the running to take over second place this week, we could see that happen going into Round 2.

Round 2 for Week 9 began with the safe zone starting on the western side, similar to what we saw during Week 3 and Week 4. SetToDestroyX, Luminosity, and Tempo Storm all started off playing aggressively with teams going for the first airdrop. Luminosity was able to set up multiple angles on SetToDestroyX and start firing as Tempo Storm moved to pinch Luminosity from the other side. Before moving to a safer area, Chipzy from Luminosity took down SetToDestroyX BennyBoy for the first elimination of Round 2. As we’ve seen in past rounds with similar safe zones, ample cover is provided here as most teams were able safely rotate through the next few phases. Counter Logic Gaming was the first team eliminated on the rotation as they took fire from SetToDestroyX and Rogue. Unfortunately for CLG, they were unable to secure a single point before they fell. Tempo Storm was the next team to fall as they were caught between Echo Fox and Impact Gaming on the rotation. Alliance was caught by Obey on the edge of the shrinking safe zone, but managed to score two eliminations before becoming the next team eliminated.

The next wave of toxic gas forced players from ridgelines and further north-east into open areas and a small section of a residential area. Noble, SetToDestroyX, Epsilon, and Obey Alliance all fell during the rotation. Team SoloMid attempted to move through a house that Vitality had taken over and unlike Round 1, Vitality was able to defend their building and eliminated Team SoloMid. Rogue fell to both Gankstars and Echo Fox as Gankstars and Rogue fought towards the same house during their rotations. Gankstars continued their momentum through the residential area and wiped out Luminosity.

With just three teams remaining, things were looking grim for Prox of Echo Fox as the last remaining member of the team was trapped between Cloud9 and Gankstars. Cloud9, with 3 players still alive, focused all of their attention onto Prox because he eliminated Chappie. Flowers of Cloud9 was able to assist Frexs in taking down Prox, but soon after fell to Gankstars. With only Frexs remaining on Cloud9 against Buffalo, Beast, and Flankxr of Gankstars, Frexs was quickly eliminated.

Gankstars barely came out on top in points for Round 2 with 16 points, closely followed by Echo Fox at 15 points. Rogue closed out the top three at 11 points.

After Round 2 for Match 9, the overall scoreboard shows SetToDestroyX on top at 191 points. Rogue and Team SoloMid are tied for second place at 153 points, followed closely by Echo fox who are just two points behind at 151. Epsilon gave up the second place title they held for so many weeks and dropped all the way to fifth place at 143 points. If Epsilon scores low again during the final week of Split 1, Epsilon may fall out of the top five. While it is unlikely that SetToDestroyX falls from first overall for Split 1, it is possible as both Team SoloMid and Rogue have been known to score very well. As scores are incredibly close between Rogue, TSM, Echo Fox, and Epsilon, we could see another shake up in the top five next week as we arrive at the finish line of Split 1!

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